No Quarter Series: Outline For Graphic Novel Series

La Lune

 Originally written for  Graphic Novel, Movies, or TVSeries:

March 1655 –

Carlena, a young slave, finds her life changed forever when the English attack Jamaica. The indentured servants: Thomas Paine and Jean-Paul La Roche, a tactical genius; Jaguar (Yaguara),  a man who knows the Caribbean better than any map. Smuggler, Diego Grillo; Cormac O’Malley and his wife Lucretia, the leaders of “Cormac’s Pikeys” capture the island and drive the Spanish out. Offering Carlena a chance at freedom, but at a cost.

Taking Jamaica is one thing, but keeping it under retaliation and constant bombardment by the Spanish corsairs is another. The indentured settlers must form an alliance with the Buccaneers, masters of hunting and guerrilla warfare including: “The Dutchman,” Edward Mansvelt; Jacquotte Delahay, a beautiful but deadly outlaw; ruthless pirates Roc Braziliano and Bartolomeo el Portugues; and French privateers, l’Olonnais and Pierre le Picard, aptly named “The Flail of the Spanish.”

While defending Jamaica’s shores, the group forms “Frères de la cote,” but their band of brothers lacks a clear leader. That all changes when Captain Henry Morgan arrives to take charge of their newly renamed pirate base “Port Royal.”

Volume 1: The Cagway.

Volume 2, Deal with the Devil.

Volume 3, The Brethren of the Coast.

Volume 4, Port Royal.

Volume 5, Yucatán

Volume 6, Barbadosed

No Quarter Series 2: Barbadosed – Rise of the wickedest city on Earth


From their base in Port Royal, Jamaica, Henry Morgan’s “Brethren of the Coast,” wages a merciless war on Spanish colonies and shipping, with ferocity and giving “No Quarter” to their enemies. But, when peace is established between England and Spain, Morgan, loyal to England and his own devices, must turn on his mates and denounce them as criminals.

Two young women, Esmeralda Belford and Bizy Gale, on a quest for adventure, mistakenly join the remaining “Brethren,” themselves hunted by the Spanish, Dutch, and Morgan’s pirate hunters. The outcasts establish secret bases throughout the Caribbean and continue to raid shipping for survival for their “Freebooters Republic,” while a new breed of ruthless pirates moves in to stake their claim on the spoils of Port Royal’s peace.

Volume 1, The Silver Train.

Volume 2, Panama!

Volume 3, Shortfall.

Volume 4, Lucky Charms.

Volume 5, The Logwood Cutters.

Volume 6, les Flibustiers.

No Quarter Series 3: les Flibustiers – Port Royal’s pirates have met their match!

Summer 1680 –

La Roche, defends Port Royal as a privateer while the wicked city secretly funds piracy on their ally’s. Using the alias Gator Gar, he leads the remaining “Brethren of the Coast,” continuing to raid the Caribbean shipping lanes while constantly on the run from the Spanish corsairs, Dutch privateers, and Morgan’s pirate hunters. Their allies in Port Royal form an underground network of smugglers and thieves who join forces with “les Flibustiers of Hispaniola” led by Chevalier Michel de Grammont; the pirate Laurens de Graaf with his Samana Bay Buccaneers; and Marie-Anne Dieu-le-Veut, of the Freebooters to wage an all-out war of survival with the promise of freedom for all, and hopes of someday being able to retire in peace.

Volume 1, The Great Comet.

Volume 2, The Samaná Bay Buccaneers.

Volume 3, Vera Cruz!

Volume 4, Christmas in Cartagena.

Volume 5, Trail of the Golden Fleece.

Volume 6, The Buccaneers Downfall (La Chute).

No Quarter Series 4: Dominium – Welcome to the wickedest city on Earth


After a hurricane, runaway sisters Atia and Livia are shipwrecked alone in Jamaica and soon find themselves sold into slavery. Outcast pirate la Roche, a captain who served the recently deceased pirate Henry Morgan, brings his damaged ship La Lune into Port Royal to discover the slave trade has taken over and the town is being run by wealthy, retired pirates while Port Royal prepares for war with France at a time when England is already engulfed in civil war.

Bleedin Art, a former privateer and protector of Jamaica, now reduced to being a slaver, loses his shipment in the storm. The investors, led by a corrupt councilman Coggshall, wants compensation or Bleedin Art’s head. With war looming, the city council calls on the pirates for protection. But the current pirates are not like the ones of Henry Morgan’s day, the new breed are vicious, blood-lusting cutthroats fighting for control of a corrupt slaving industry,  Port Royal, and Jamaica.

Volume 1: The Hurricane.

Volume 2: The Whig Invasion.

Volume 3: The Saturday Night Slave Fair.

Volume 4: Strangewayes Way.

Volume 5: The Lake Monster.

Volume 6, Epitaph for a Drunken Scoundrel.

No Quarter Series 5: WENCHES – Hell hath no fury like a crossed wench.

October 1689 –

Deep in the bowels of Port Royal, a group of women form a secret and illegal society called “WENCH,” that networks with smugglers, merchants, cutthroats and thieves. But their efforts are complicated by the outbreak of war with France. The WENCHES are dragged into the struggle for supremacy of the Caribbean, their friends divided, they find themselves engulfed in a bloody battle of carnage. The pirates of Port Royal and former enemies may be their only hope of escape.

Volume 1, Sérénité.

Volume 2, Whiskey Kisses.

Volume 3, The Jolly Roger.

Volume 4, The Wenches Cauldron.

Volume 5, Freebooters On Church Street!

No Quarter Series 6: The Dirge – The wickedest city on Earth has it comin’

December 1691-

Aurora, The Countess of Calenberg makes off with the entire Hanover treasury and sails for a South American getaway, and every pirate in the Caribbean wants to find her first.

Volume 1, The Battle Of Lemonade

Volume 2, The Miskito Coast

Volume 3, The Search For De Heilig Graal.

Volume 4, Mona Passage.

Volume, 5 Coming Soon!

No Quarter Series, By GM O’Connor and MJL Evans. Copyright protected. May not be reproduced without authors’ permission. To view any or all of the film or graphic novel series scripts just let us know!


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