About Gary M O’Connor


Gary M O’Connor is a huge movie fan, writer and artist. A lover of Sci-fi and history, half his brain lives in the seventeenth century pastCSC_0302 (2) while the other sails perpetually through space.



2 thoughts on “About Gary M O’Connor

    • Hi, Ilone
      Each of the art pieces used in No Quarter Series came from a different source, though the paintings are drawn on wood freehand (except one), and then painted with acrylic. Models were used for ships and Megan posed for the cover and some of the drawings. The Drawings themselves come from all over the place, a few have models used, some are composites of old paintings or pictures found on the web, some were done very quick for conceptual purposes and weren’t meant for the books. Which is why some are good and some are not.One is a selfie. Only a few were specifically drawn as illustrations for MJ’s books.
      The Port Royal Map is painted on wood. I used a tracing projector to draw Port Royal Jamaica, how it is now from Google Earth, then mapped out locations from archaeological articles on the web and in books I have. Then I redrew the land, streets and buildings how I figured it MIGHT have looked in the 17th century. And, now it’s in the “currently being painted pile.”
      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Thanks G.


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